Who Are You Wearing?

Since the World Cup is going on, a lot of students and teachers have been wearing jerseys that represent certain teams. But the real question is, are they from the countries they are wearing? Do they know the country on their shirt? Can they name three players on the team? And lastly, is it necessary to have any type of connection towards that team at all or is it okay just to wear it to hop on the trends?

This story is relevant because the World Cup is going on as we speak! And we are seeing the energy it is giving to people all throughout school. And we are seeing people that are wearing their jerseys whilst roaming the halls. And I am sure, these are questions that everyone has been wondering about.

People often have mixed reasons for their choice of team to support in the World Cup, not all countries qualify. So what do people do if their team is never “in?”

“I have been wearing a Brazilian Shirt,” said 11th grader, Tiffany Contreras. “My country never makes it to the World Cup. I am from El Salvadoran. I am wearing Brazil because the color of the jersey makes my skin color pop.”

People often select a team with which the feel they have a connection and that is not always their country of origin. Should people only rep countries they are from?

“Not necessarily, because if my country does not make the World Cup. I should still  be able to support a team of my choice,” said Contreras.

Students are not the only ones wearing jerseys during the World Cup, the staff are also getting into the spirit.

 “Its hard for me to consider that I am from Argentina. My dad grew up there. I lived in Buenos Aires for 6 months,” Mr. Wang said.

Staffers also have strong feelings about which players they support, particulary when given the choice between Messi and Maradona.

“Messi is 100% better than Maradona. Better player, better assist maker, better goalscorer, more trophies. He has won everything. Overall he’s a better person,” Mr. Wang said.

There was a lot of support for Argentina’s team and even more Edison community members wearing their jersey. Mr. Pena, Edison graduate and English department teacher, supports the team despite his Ecuadorian roots.

“It is necessary to have a connection with the team you’re wearing, because if you’re wearing them you have to be supportive even if they lose,” Mr. Pena said. “I absolutely thought they would win. The team is strong, they won the Copa America, and were all ready for it.” 

Mr. Wang, Pena, and Omezie wearing and repping Argentina.

David Pazmino

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