What to expect if you’re new to the Locker Room?

Everyone in high school is subject to experience the locker room some time in their life. Many consider a high school locker room one of the rights of passage to growing up. If you’re able to get through surviving and adapting to the ways of the locker room, you’ll be taking a tremendous step up in your life.  There are going to be many freshman’s that have never experienced being in the locker rooms in a high school before. Many people make the locker room sound like a very unpleasant and unhappy place, but it truly isn’t as bad as it seems. It depends 100% on the individual’s attitude on how they choose to deal with the situations and surroundings in the locker room that decide whether it’s a good or bad experience.

Having fun with friends can make the anxiety and transformation into the high school locker room routine much easier. Many people may have had bad experiences in the past, but they can always turn those memories into good ones if they have the right attitude about all that went on when they are there. Who wouldn’t like to use the time in the locker room to chat about things going on in their minds for example, working out or even exhibiting peaceful sportsmanship based on the activities and games played in their gym class? Physical Education is required to graduate therefore students should take advantage of the free time and make the best of it in a fun and safe manner.

If you are just coming into high school, the first few days in the locker room will most likely feel awkward and maybe evening a bit scary, but there is only a few standard things to be aware of:

1: You will be changing in front of other boys or girls, depending on which locker room you are in. This is a big deal for many students given the fact that many middle/elementary schools do not have locker rooms for students to change.

“I have never changed in front of my own family members before, better yet students. That was one of the biggest fears of mine since I came to high school  and experienced the locker rooms.” Stephen Rabhilall said.

2: You will have to remember your locker combination! This is a code that will stick with you for four long years. It will definitely be complicated at first if you’re not used to using locks on lockers. Once you get the hang of it, you will be safe…

3: You have about five to eight minutes to get into the locker room, go to your locker, open your combination lock, take off your clothes, put on your gym uniform, fit your belongings in the locker and then rush to your floor spot. It will be difficult at first, but everyone gets the hang of it, so have no fear.

4: Many people experience bullying in high school and sadly, the locker room can be one of the major places that this occurs. Stand up for someone if you see them getting bullied and remember to be safe and tell a teacher if you are in danger.

Don’t forget that surviving the locker room can be fun if you choose to have the right attitude and behavior!