Two Years of Failure Lead to a Major Comeback

In the 2018-2019 season, Edison’s girls’ soccer team made it to the division championships, winning a playoff game against Medgar Evers College Preparatory School. The girls’ varsity soccer team had won 7 games, lost 2, and tied once, finishing off the season with 22 points.

During an interview, the girls’ soccer team’s head coach, Frank Denunzio, said “ A lot of the girls were new, so they had to catch up to the veteran players, which they did and I was surprised.” Knowing that in the past two seasons, the girls’ varsity soccer team hasn’t been doing so well, the fact that a lot of the new players were able to catch up to the senior players, as Coach Denunzio mentioned, was a surprise.

Coach Denunzio explained that the biggest issue that occurred this season was “Finding where every girl fits on the field. When new girls come in, they really don’t have a position and my job is to find a position that makes it work for them and the team. That’s probably the hardest part of the job.” Edison girls’ soccer team has worked very hard, and it can be seen through game statistics. The team had won against Jamaica High School scoring 7 points leaving the opposite team at 0.

Watching the girls’ on the field showed me how much effort they put in every game. As Coach Denunzio had mentioned in our interview, “the girls are all friendly with each other, it’s like a sisterhood.” It sure looked like a sisterhood on the field. I was able to notice that all the players had good communication and were motivating each other whenever they got the chance.

The team’s hard work has allowed them to win a playoff game against Medgar Evers College Preparatory school and has won them a 2nd place spot in the division.

Yeash Ahamed

My name is Yeash Ahamed and I write for the Sports section of the Edison Light. I am a fanatic of music and Basketball. I chose to write for the Sports section because I really love playing Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer; they are fun to watch. My favorite teams are the Golden State Warriors, New York Yankees and New England Patriots.