Sticking To It

Everytime that New Years Ball drops, people resolutions for themselves but have no idea how to maintain them. It is common to create resolutions for the New Year, but are your resolutions really worth it? 35% of people who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of January or even sooner.


You have to think realistically before attempting to stick to your resolution by paying attention to time as well as quality. Make resolutions you’ve thought through because odds are, you’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to stick to it and you need self motivation! Many people lack motivation for the right reasons, but when you care so much about something such as your goal, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t put your mind to it.


According to Amir Mohamed, Edison student,  “My 2018 resolution is just as same as last year and it’s to stay positive. I️ plan on cancelling out the negative aspects in life and focusing only on what matters and what’s important to me. Being a positive figure and cancelling negative influences, in my opinion makes someone a better person. I will always look at the brighter side of a situation and forget the bad aspects of the situation.”


Deadlines and specific plans are yet again some components where people lack. We have to be able to time ourselves effectively with specific dates and times. If you want to achieve your goal, define what your specific goals are beforehand and give yourself a deadline to meet those goals. If you have a specific goal and know how to obtain that goal, just go for it! Just make sure you have the motivation.


For example, let’s say someone wants to lose weight and get into shape. They would have to set a deadline to meet this goal and determine, how much weight they plan to lose, and how they plan to lose that specific amount of weight; a plan of action should include exercise whether it’s through the gym, dieting, aerobics, or running. You have to stick to that deadline in order to see the outcome and don’t lose hope, it takes time and people have to keep that in mind.  


Kameza Harun, a student from Thomas A. Edison said, “It’s important to create New Year’s resolution so you can set out a plan you have thought about. Having a New Year’s resolution gives you a new mindset and out look on things. You gain a better perspective as to which goals may be attainable or not. It can also help you to better yourself. Say for example the prior year was bad, your goal could be to achieve nothing but peace and prosperity. You get a sense on things you need to work on within yourself and start out the year with a fresh and clear mind.”


Brent Isaac, an Edison student, said, “People don’t stick to New Year’s resolutions because people aren’t willing to give up bad habits that will ultimately  reward them in the long term.”


You don’t have to rush through your goals, it’s better to take one step at a time instead of one giant step forward, which doesn’t benefit you at all. Pace yourself and remember to always be specific including deadlines if you want to stick to your goals for the New Year!

Tiffany Naraine

My name is Tiffany Naraine and I write for the Sports section for The Edison Light. It isn’t typical for girls to be writing about sports, but I actually love sports. To be specific I love basketball and my favorite team is the New York Knicks. Aside from that my hobbies include going to the city, taking photography, going out to eat and trying new foods, and I also love watching Netflix on my free time. My hands down favorite shows have to be Arrow and Riverdale.