SportsHi Edison Club: What It’s About

In the midst of a pandemic, a new club—SportsHi Edison Club—was born in our school. The club hosts a variety of events such as special guests, infographics, and even scholarships for high school seniors.

As the world adapted to a new “norm”, this new club  formed to accommodate the student population. The club is supported by the company—SportsHi—that wants to aid high school athletes through sports, business and tech opportunities.

“SportsHi aims to be the LinkedIn of high school sports and enhance student athlete careers,.” Mandeep Karir, the president of the club said. “People should join this program because it provides opportunities.  Staying on with the company and welcoming team will eventually get you to internships that are closer to the company.”

So far, the club has posted several scholarships on their instagram page and informative threads regarding athletes. It has also been hosting special guests, such as professional rugby player Dylan Fawsitt. It is currently seeking ambassadors who can help the club grow all while receiving their own set of benefits.

“The ambassador program is one way where students can find connections to other internships and opportunities relating to their fields. You could [also] apply to be a club chapter president where you would have the ability to start a club based on the mission of SportsHi.”

Even with a global pandemic, the club has managed to work things out to help its members have access to more resources. While other clubs saw a drop of incoming students, SportsHi actually saw an increase in the number of students. The president believes it is because of their services. 

“The pandemic has been a rough stretch for a lot of businesses, but SportsHi found its stride through the pandemic. SportsHi is a company that focuses on high school sports, so when the pandemic caused sports facilities to shut down, more students started to join SportsHi due to its free resources such as scholarships, experience and more.”

Whether the club will continue next year depends on if schools will reopen and how they’ll  operate. It also depends on how the student body will react, which will determine if SportsHibe in demand as it enters a new year. 

“Reopening schools will affect the club both positively and negatively because the club needs the school’s help with certain things like advising and advertising, so more people know about it.” Karir said. “And negatively because schools may not allow some things to work in the club that could be very beneficial in the long run. The club may be around next year depending on the situation around COVID-19 pandemic and how the school wants to run things.”

Mishkat Amlan

Hi, My name is Mishkat Amlan and I’m currently a senior. I am a writer for the sports section of our Edison Light website. One thing that introduced me to journalism is Vice News. Vice News usually produces foreign reporting, something they’ve used to build a media empire. Their coverage of the Iraqi War or the Syrian civil war always kept me at the edge of my seat. I picked the sports section because I’m very passionate about sports. Two teams that I’ve supported my whole life are FC Barcelona and the Brooklyn Nets.