Sport Bras to the PRESS

Rowan University banned there female cross country runners from wearing sport bras without a shirt on. This banned was implemented after it was deemed distracting to the football team at the university.

This banned brought out the issue of restrictions that are on women bodies that aren’t necessarily thought of for men. Within our athletics program a few student athletes share their input on allowing a women/girl to wear a sport bras during training.

Alfredo Gomez a member of the boys varsity bowling team believes that there is no problem if girls are training in a sport bra. He further said “I don’t think its a problem because if everyone is passionate about what sport they’re playing, they would be more focus on the sport they’re playing and not others.”

Three other athletes that shared the same point of view as Alfredo Gomez are Deandra McClinton, Michelle Chew, and Diantha Gardener. Each one believed that girls should be able to do as they wish relating to the apparel for there training. During training, workouts can cause one to be hot and taking off one’s  shirt should be fine. It’s their body and they should be to wear what they want.

A double standard is ever-present in our society. Credit: Kenya Leon

A double standard is ever-present in our society.
Credit: Kenya Leon


Kenya Leon

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