New Year, New Me, New Gym

With the beginning of the New Year many people make the resolution to lose weight. Many people would join a gym to address this issue, but that’s not the only way or place to lose weight.

The most common place that a person will go to is a gym. There are many different types of gyms for many different price ranges. You can get a gym membership for cheap by going to Planet Fitness or Blink Fitness.

The membership fee for going to Planet Fitness is ten dollars a month for a normal membership or $25 a month for their premium membership. Blink Fitness is only $25 a month and with this membership you get to go to any Blink Fitness location around your area. These gyms tend to be the most popular with new gym goers because of their low membership fee.

The inside of a Planet Fitness.Planet Fitness is one of the most inexpensive gyms out there.

There are many benefits to going to a gym. For example, a gym would typically have more equipment than your local park. The gym equipment can help the user get in better shape.


Mohammad Chowdhury, Senior said that using a gym is better because “you can do more and shape your training the way you want, while in a park the training regiment is very limited.”  

To people that do not want to sign up for a gym there are other alternatives out there. Some of the more common places that a person would workout outside a gym are their local park or inside their own home.

Working out in a park or inside your home gives you the extra benefit that you don’t have to pay a monthly membership. Not spending money on a monthly membership gives you the chance to buy better equipment to use at your house or at a park.

Working out in your home gives you the benefit of not having to leave your house. Another place you can workout in that isn’t a gym is a indoor recreation center. There are many recreation centers throughout New York City and the membership is free for people under 18 and $25 per year for anybody 18-24. Each New York City recreation center would have weight rooms, treadmills, swimming pools, running tracks, and basketball courts.

Park 2

Rufus King Park is wide-open park that can be used to workout.

        Ravendra Ramnarace, Freshman said that using your home as a gym is “easier” and “its saves you a lot of time working at home cause you are already at home.” When ask what kind of workouts Ravendra does at home and how long he does them, Ravendra said that “I workout my arms and chest by mostly doing push ups and sit ups and I sometimes use weights. I usually do this workouts for 15-45 minutes a day.” To the people that say that working out in a gym is better than working out at home, Ravendra would tell you that “you can do the same thing at home as you can do at a gym. Plus they are things made just for home workouts like P90x.”

        Razual Howla der, Freshman also said that using your home as a gym is better because a gym  “has a lot of dangerous equipment that can damage your body.” At home, Razual’s home workout includes “push ups and sit ups because they are the easiest to do at home with the proper material. This workout lasts 10-15 minutes at most.”  

As the New Year starts it’s always a good resolution to lose weight and to workout no matter where you do so. Not only is it good for your physical health, but also it’s also good for your mental health.

David Guzman

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