Jeff Cavaliere’s Top 5 Exercises

Jeff Cavaliere is the personal trainer of the New York Mets and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to utilize the best exercises to build a great physique. Many professional bodybuilders neglect many critical exercises to utilize in their workouts, however Jeff reveals some of the most potent ways to build aesthetics and strength all at the same time. Utilizing science, he proves that many professional athletes and bodybuilders are doing wrong.

His top 5 exercises that does not utilize weights to build a great body would consist of planks for core strength, burpees for endurance, high knee jumps for leg strength and endurance, pull up variations for the back aesthetics and the different variation of push ups for chest and tricep aesthetics. He explains that many of the essential exercises that builds strength, are being neglected by many who seek a better physique. These 5 exercises done in high volume would help give your body that extra fat loss potential as well as influence hypertrophy (muscle growth) to build a better and stronger body.

Rahad Molla says, “when it comes to picking between strength or aesthetics (looks), I’d say I would balance them out because I wouldn’t want to look good but be weak in general. A good balance of both would make a great combo.”

“Many of these exercises I do incorporate in my workout, however I may be trying out the high knee jumps for it helps when building endurance.”