How Covid-19 Will Affect the Super Bowl in 2021

If you think back about your thoughts two years ago, “what would happen to the Superbowl during a pandemic” was probably not one of them.

Now that the infamous CoronaVirus, better known as Covid-19, has been added to the equation, there are probably a handful of questions America is wondering about. Lucky for you, most of them will be answered here.

Something important you should know is that America is not looking so hot, with the number of cases just starting to calm down from 300,000 new ones daily, and probably more to come. Despite that, the NFL has decided to continue with the fan-favorite event.

“While things will look a little different this year, we’re committed to delivering the ultimate fan experience in the safest way possible,” an NFL press release said.

 They might think it’s a good idea, and the majority of fans believe so too. Government teacher Adam Heavey said the “NFL continuing the season was the right decision. The players have been routinely tested throughout the season, and if a player tests positive for Covid 19 they have been removed from the roster until they test negative.”

Heavey also plans to practice social distancing by staying home instead of going to another’s house to watch it, very responsible. 

Something that the Super Bowl is doing is only allowing 30% of the stadium to be filled up, with 7500 of attendees being healthcare workers who get to enter for free.

Originally, 75,000 fans were able to fit into the stadium. Don’t worry, the maths is already done for you, with a population of 22000 being allowed this year with social distancing practices in the food & concession stand lines as well as the seats themselves.

One of the most favorable things about the Superbowl would be the hilarious commercial breaks in between. Those are unlikely to change at all, so that’s something to look forward to.

Let’s be honest, you probably were never thinking about buying tickets to see the show live, since tickets cost up to over $4,000.  Now, they have tripled the price so it would cost you around $13,000, in case you were curious.

So now you know what Superbowl plus Covid would equal to; a safe and responsible response that lets us all enjoy the yearly spirit of good ol’ American Football.

Christian Torres

I am 17 years of age, born in Queens, New York City, however, my ethnicity is Colombian. My origins as a journalist go way back when I started with a summer class camp. Now I am a part of this high school journalism team, writing only the best of the best articles with pure facts and no false news. I am surely determined to show a whole new side of the world through the power of the media.