Edison’s Tennis Team Starts Off A New Season

The Edison tennis team starts off a new season for the spring term at the beginning of March with coach, Mr. Riddell.

The team has students from 9th to 12th grade and over 10 students. Students in the team learn how to play tennis correctly and practice to improve on it. The team participate in 10 games per season. They are in Division B-1, Queens Boys Varsity.

The tennis court in Cunningham park where the team practices Photo credit- Michelle Chew

The tennis court in Cunningham park where the team practices
Photo credit- Michelle Chew

“As a coach I prepare the players, getting them to understand the game and also help them understand the concept of team plays. I get them to understand the game is technical, tactical, and psychological. Win or lose, we have fun and show good sportsmanship. We have great players and they play for the school that’s the most important thing,” said Mr. Riddell.

Mr. Riddell, has been coaching the Edison tennis team for five years. He is a great candidate as a team coach. “I’ve been playing and coaching since I left high school,” Mr. Riddell said.

“I look forward to go to practice everyday. I get to enjoy myself after a whole day in school. I love to play tennis with my friends. We practice with each other and the coach is so nice,” said Michelle Chew.

During the fall season, the team practices inside the school. In the spring season, the students practice at Cunningham Park. Practices are held after 9th period and ends around 6-7 P.M. in the evening. Students must have an 80% and up attendance to join the team.

Azmir Zahan

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