Edison’s tennis team finishes off the spring season

The Edison tennis team started the Spring season in March. Now it’s time to finish this season. They have played their last spring season game scheduled on 5/7/19. They are set to play against Jamaica High School in the Jamaica High School field at 4:00 P.M.

Seven people from the Edison team participated in the game. The match wasn’t in their favor this time. Edison lost to Jamaica with a score of 5-0. The Edison Inventors lost the first, second and third single matches against Jamaica. They also lost the first and second double matches.

During the first, second and third singles Jamaica had a consistent score of 10 whereas Edison varied between 2s and a 0. Even during the double matches Jamaica kept a consistent score of 10 and Edison had a score of 10. This led Jamaica to go into the finals.

“The season went well. I mean we didn’t expect to win many matches. We’re a young team, a new team. We won enough to satisfy our expectations. Players did well, up to their abilities. Most of the players are first time players, but they did well. I am satisfied with their performance in the last game. They played their hearts out and represented their school well. That’s all we ask you know. They had fun,” said Mr. Riddell, tennis team coach.

“The game was pretty good I think because we tried our best but they’re just more experienced than us. Jamaica was great in their performance. They had a bigger lead than us I guess that’s because they’re a top tier. During the double match me and Sonia Jong tried to give it our best, ” said Alfredo Gomez, Edison tennis team member.

Overall, the game didn’t go the way Edison had wanted. They lost to Jamaica by 5-0 ending their last game. Edison fell short in experience against Jamaica because they practice everyday whereas Edison practices 2-3 days a week. However, according to PSAL, the previous games played by Edison against other teams went well in which they mostly won.


Azmir Zahan

My name is Azmir Zahan. I write for the Sports section in the school’s online newspaper. From a young age, I was interested in sports. I love to watch sports especially soccer and basketball. My favorite teams are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool FC, Paris-Saint Germain FC and New York Knicks. I love trying new food, traveling and hanging out with my family and friends.