Edison’s Boys Volleyball: Farewell Seniors

Student athletes nationwide had their spring season stripped away, due to COVID-19. Though this is sad for all, it is extremely devastating for seniors who would have been playing their final season.

The Boys Varsity Volleyball Team had their season cut short and was working without their usual practice space The reopening status of the gymnasium was still undetermined at the time. Due to this, the team was travelling to different schools to hold practice and play scrimmages. 

Ms. Loscalzo, coach,  said, “I am sad that the seniors could not play their final season with their teammates.  Our team had great chemistry and was learning to navigate the court together. This season could have showed a lot of promise and it’s disheartening that we did not have the opportunity to showcase the talented young men of Edison.”

Daniel Garcia, senior, said, “I’m obviously sad because volleyball and sports in general are where I made my closest friends and made so many memories that I’ll always remember and not being able to do that one last time sucks.”

Daniel played on the team since his sophomore year and was looking forward to having one last bonding experience on the court with his teammates.

Though this is a sad time for the team, it still leaves Ms. Loscalzo and the graduating seniors hopeful for the remaining underclassmen and the following season.

“My hopes for next season are to rebuild and work even harder to gain back the momentum that was lost,” Ms. Loscalzo said.

Daniel also stated, “I hope the boys that are still able to play after this year have fun and do their best, even if sometimes the games don’t go your way it’s always fun to be with your friends and that’s what matters at the end of the day. If there’s something this unfortunate event taught me, its to not take anything for granted so I hope they don’t either.”

Daniel’s words of encouragement to his fellow graduating teammates are, “Everything happens for a reason. Although we barely got to play, we had some fun the first few years and it’s something not a lot of people get to experience so we should be thankful, regardless of what happened.”

Ms. Loscalzo added, “I want to say thank you for all of the effort you put into the season prior to it being canceled. You traveled to different gyms everyday to keep our season alive for as long as we could. That takes energy, passion and leadership to show up everyday and put the work in. You are a great group of young men who I know will but the skills you have on the court toward your future endeavors. Be safe and come back to visit!”

Thank you to our Boys Varsity Volleyball Seniors. Though this is not the senior year you envisioned, we still honor your efforts and your accomplishments from previous seasons!

Elizabeth Ramos

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Ramos and I’m a volleyball/basketball player at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. During my free time I like to design, play ukelele, and play sports.