Edison Wrestling Team On Top Of The World!

The Edison wrestling team had reached 1st place in their tournament with an astonishing 159 points to their name. The Team had a great tournament with 10 medals last season, which led to a great number of interest from other students to join the team. 

Sadikur Sabid, expressed what he liked and disliked about the team, and he had felt throughout the tournament.

“The coach was strict on us for our mistakes but didn’t go too hard as he tried to make improvements in our training and was very happy when we won, ” Sadikur Sabid said.

Coach Castillo cares about the team and wants everybody in the team to become better. This also shows the good relationship between the coach and the players team.

The wrestling team is divided into different section based on their weight, so there could be no unfair matchup with opponents. Sadhikur Sabid is in the under 132 section based on his weight, which makes him go against opponents in the same catagory. Sabid advised the people that want to join focus on building their strength as it plays an important factor in wrestling, but skills are also very important. You need strength to withstand your opponent’s attack and use a combination of skill with it to subdue the them. 

When talking about his relation with his teammates, Sabid said, “they have been supporting me alot during matches and are still my friends.” This shows that the team have a good relationship with each other and support eachother during training and matches showing a good chemistry between them.

Prantik Barua

My name is Prantik Barua, and I am currently a junior at Edison. I have chosen sports because I always had an interest in different types of sports and try to learn and play them with my friends in my free time. Other than sports I also like to discuss cars and play video games.