Differences between Division A and B for Sports at Edison


Division A and B for your school sports are very different. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are going to do very well in division A when you did amazing in Division B. 

Before you decide to be on one of the teams at school, or even if you are on the team, check whether your team is in Division A or B. Most people believe that if you do very well in Division B, you’ll do well in Division A. 

According to the goalie, Larry Torres, “Last year in division B we were first in the division, when we got into division A and lost almost all of our starters we struggled we came in 8th in the division.” 

Better teams get into Division A, which makes it harder for our school and other teams to beat each other. If you move from Division A to Division B it could be different. Since you have been playing tougher teams it could be a little easier. The opposite could also happen, which losing players can be a factor or other teams gaining better players. 

Anthony Hernandez said, “Last year we had very good players with chemistry and when most of them left we had struggles filling their shoes. Even though we got some good players it wasn’t the same.”

Division A and B can either hurt or be good for your team. Just because Division B is below A doesn’t mean it is less competition or more competition, just focus on how well you do and your team. 

Natalie Rico

My name is Natalie Rico. I go to Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I am on the soccer team and know a lot about sports. I also like to try new foods because food is my favorite. Also, I like learning new things about what happens around the world.