Is a Fine Arts Degree Worth It?

Seniors are at a pivotal moment in their lives; most want to pursue their passions, which may include photography, graphic arts, and visual design It can be quite difficult to convince your parents that this is the best major for you because they might insist on a more lucrative field. With student loan debt topping $1 trillion, and limited job prospects and low salaries in the arts field, there’s a decreasing  return on investment when it comes to getting a bachelor or master’s degree in the arts. The average tuition (without room and board and art supplies) for a two-year program at a top fine arts school is $100,000. Your parents don’t want you to fail or be in a situation where you can’t earn money.

Credit: Blossom Okonkwo

Credit: Blossom Okonkwo

On the other hand, there comes the aspect of passion. Some people love their creative field so much that they can’t imagine doing anything else. It is imperative to figure out if you are passionate or not. You must understand the implications of going into a field like this. You must ask yourself these questions: Why do you want to go to art school? Is it for the experience, for your resume, or to help you build a portfolio? Or is it to help you validate your role as a professional artist?

Blossom Okonkwo

Hi, my name is Blossom and I am a self taught freelance photographer. I became interested in digital photography in my junior year of high school. I draws inspiration from Josef Adamu, Petra Collins, Adrienne Raquel, Micaiah Carter, Travis Matthews, Florence Ngala, and Ronan Mckenzie. Her love for it stemmed from her visually receptive nature and continues to blossom as she experiences life.