Clean or Dirty Kicks?

How come your sneakers are so dirty?  Why are your shoes so white? These questions seem to be common when asking about sneakers.

Many students take pride in their kicks and want to show off their value. However other students don’t really care about their sneakers, and actually prefer them to be dirty.

When you first take sneakers out the box, you work extremely hard to keep them clean. You start avoiding puddles, grass and anything dirty. You may even get mad when someone steps on them, but you work hard at cleaning them. After a few wears, life takes its course and the itty bitty stains are left unattended. The dirt builds up until you just have dirty shoes.

Daniel Lachhman said, “I buy shoes that don’t value much that I know will get dirty and beat up so I wouldn’t have to worry about putting in time to clean them.

The white Adidas are kept clean unlike the red Pumas.

The white Adidas are kept clean unlike the red Pumas.

This is the case with Vans. Many people get them and try to preserve their original look. Eventually they allow them to get dirty and only clean them occasionally. This is deemed okay because dirt tends to give them a “vintage” look, which people actually want.

Jordans are consistently valued by many and expected to be kept clean. This is acceptable due to the long waits people have to endure just to get the recent releases. They take pride in having the latest sneakers out and want to show off the original beauty.

Alisha Austin said, “The aesthetic appeal that clean shoes have other dirty shoes is that it just overall looks better. When you have clean shoes, you look more presentable, rather than dirty shoes which make can make you look like you just don’t care or you’re too lazy to clean them.”

It really depends on your personality, whether you would keep your sneakers dirty or clean. What matters is whether or not you like them and how you wear them.