You’re Someone’s Type, Every Drop Counts!

Edison’s HOSA club hosted their annual Blood Drive, which took place on Thursday in the school’s auditorium. The blood drive is an event that every student and teacher who is eligible, is encouraged to participate in. This event encourages students and teachers to donate their blood for a good cause, of helping someone who is ill, and may need a blood transfusion.

The donation of blood is strongly encouraged because you can help save the life of a cancer patient, trauma victims, etc, according to The New York Blood Center 2,000 people need a blood transfusion everyday.

Dupree Walker is a student who participates in the event since his Sophomore year has said “  I think it’s important to donate blood because it’s a little thing you can do it takes 30 minutes and you could probably save a life.”

The HOSA program worked in connection with the hospital, where they provided qualified nurses who were administering the blood. Students who participated had to fill out a form indicating their age, blood type, as well as parental consent. Those who donate should also be aware that you will need some type of identification, and to eat your regular meals, since the nurses are administering, 1 pint of blood.  In addition you should hydrate your body the day before, increase your salt intake, sleep well, eat a balanced breakfast and to hydrate right before donating. For individuals who may feel weak after donating, the blood drive provides snacks and juice, to help regain energy.

 The turnout for the blood drive was fairly good, this year with several individuals donating, from periods 1-8. This simple act of donating can help to save thousands of lives, and Edison hopes to continue this event to help those in need

Aliyah Majid-Todd

Hello! My name is Aliyah Majid-Todd, I am apart of the Web Design CTE course. I enjoy learning, and being kept up to date, with current events. I hope that writing in the General news section will shed more light, on events and activities, that students are interested in, or may need to know.