You Have the Power to Save a Life

Thursday, January 5th, HOSA hosted their second blood drive of the year. This blood drive was open to 11th and 12th grade students ages 16 and older considering their donations are viable. 

Ashfi Samia, President of HOSA, currently plays the role of organizing events and meetings and regulating active participation from all members of HOSA. 

“The blood drive has been going on for a long time and had been temporarily postponed due to COVID-19, but specifically right now there is a shortage, otherwise, blood is always needed. Hospitals are always in demand for blood meaning constant donations are required,” said Ashfi Samia.

In regards to statistics, “In the past we collected 50-65 pints; in October specifically we totaled to about 55 pints and we want to reach the same amount. So far we have had one blood drive this school year, and two more approaching. With the last blood drive we hope to have a greater turnout as people have gotten a glimpse of the last one,” said Samia. 

The Edison community can look forward to yet another blood drive this year if you are not able to donate for the current one.

“Anyone ages 16 and up with parent permission is eligible with the signed form,” said Samia. The mentioned form may be found in room 215. “There is not much you can do if you are not eligible but you can always spread the word and awareness to the cause with your peers to inform others who may be eligible,” said Samia. 

Those who may not qualify to donate still have a way to actively participate, by increasing awareness for the cause and ultimately gaining more donations.

For further information, reach out to Dr. Savitzky in room 215.

Rianka Das

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