UFO Sightings: Government Propaganda Or The Real Thing?

2020 has been full of nothing but surprises. Like something straight out of a Hunger Games match; a new challenge each month like the cornucopia indicating a new hour with a new threat.

From talk of World War 3 and Australia burning in January to a new virus hitting American soil in February. 2020, if anything, has kept it consistent. While it’s all been interesting to say the least, there was something that happened in April that seems to be glossed over, due to the global crisis. On April 29th, The Pentagon officially released three short videos depicting “unidentified aerial phenomena” or in simpler terms, an unidentified aircraft.

F-18 pilots who witnessed the phenomena have said the aircraft was “rotating” and “They’re going against the wind. The wind is 120 miles to the west,” which in aircraft terms, is pretty shocking. The atmosphere and winds greatly affect flights.

Contrary to what most believe, it is not the engine that makes a plane fly. It is the wings. The engine accelerates the plane forward. A wing works by having air flow over its surface. When the airflow reaches a certain speed, the wing makes the plane lift.. When the lift generated is greater than the weight, the plane climbs into the air. The engines provide the driving force to create that airflow over the wing. Aircrafts use the wind to support itself in flight. So an aircraft flying against the wind is an incredible feat, not very often seen.

The footage was released by the Pentagon after being reviewed and Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough has informed us that “the department has determined that the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems.”

The videos were initially released by a private company but had not been confirmed to be real or fake. The Navy created formal guidelines for how to report possible UFO sightings by pilots. In 2017, pilots told CNN that it moved in ways they couldn’t explain.

Not everyone thinks it’s as simple as that though. One senior, Zannatul Ahmed, said that “…maybe they have to release this information so they are not held liable when something crazy actually happens.”

How can releasing this information benefit the government? I mean it seems as though they keep anything crazy that happens locked up and out of the public’s radars.

Nonetheless, we have this information now and there are many ways to go about with it. One thing is obvious though, nothing will be the same. Astronomers and Aeronautic engineers will have a field day with this and it will affect the development on the topic of space and extraterrestrial life. This is substantial evidence that we may not be alone and although it is not enough to convince everyone, it is a good start.

“I feel like this is the push we needed to advance our own technology. We work best when we see what we could achieve,” said senior student, Sadman Saquib.

People have talked about this topic for generations going all the way back to ancient times and now the government has provided us with authentic footage of it. This is something that should be made public to everyone, not just those who happen to stumble upon it.

Muktadir Reza

Hello my name is Muktadir Reza. I aspire to be a professional journalist and I enjoy writing poetry. I plan on being an active member of the Edison Light and write relevant and interesting articles, hopefully.