The Importance of Voting

In the society we live in today young voters are actively neglected when it comes to the importance of voting. Even with the potential to be highly influential in the elections many youths aren’t registered to vote. With that fewer young people get to directly influence issues that might affect their lives in the long run. It’s highly encouraged that citizens ages 18-25 register to vote and go participate in elections.

To vote in New York there are a few qualification you need to meet. To begin with you need to be a US Citizen above the age of 18 by December 31st of the year you file the registration form. You also need to make sure that you have lived in said county that you are registering in for more than 30 days. Lastly you cannot be on parole for a felony conviction nor can you be in prison.

In New York registering to vote is a simple process with different ways to do so. One way you can register to vote is to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ page and fill in the information asked for. All you need to fill out the form is your New York State driver’s license, permit, or ID card, your ZIP code and your social security number.

Another way you can register to vote is by going in person to your county board of elections, DMV, or to any New York State registration center. When registering to vote be sure to register with a political party. If you file under independent you will not be allowed to vote in Primary Elections.

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