The Challenges Of Stress And How To Overcome Them

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and with it comes an endless amount of stress. It can come from a multitude of places, such as passing a test that could decide your future. It’s an inevitable part of life that many of us are confronted with, however few can actually handle the pressure.

In February, figures published by the Office for National Statistics revealed an increase in youth suicides. Their findings showed 29% were facing exams or exam results; four died on an exam day or the day after. The study also found that 23% had used the internet in relation to suicide – including searching for methods or posting suicidal thoughts. Stress is hard to deal with and many may feel it will never end, however, there are many ways we can minimize stress. Senior, Alex Atkins said, “When I start to become overwhelmed, I try to look at the bright side.”

If you can’t block something, then redirect it. In this case if you are under pressure then just focus your attention on something positive. If you have a big test coming like the SAT or even the SHSAT, most teens are under pressure from their parents who probably spent hundreds of dollars on private tutoring, compounded by pressure from themselves trying to live up to their expectations. To relieve this level of stress, just redirect your mind set; turn the negative into positive and allow yourself to breath.

Senior, Brandon Messia said, “I always had this belief that I had to to get 100’s on everything in school, but I eventually accepted that I’m only human.”

When the pressure gets too heavy, just let it go. Let your mind be free from shackles of stress. Don’t let it consume you. The best way to live life is to have that feeling of freedom. Sure work and education are important, but it’s not your entire life. There are plenty of other opportunities that may prove to be better for you than your current circumstances.  

Caption: A cartoon illustrating how a stressed person looks.  Photo Credit: ​

Caption: A cartoon illustrating how a stressed person looks.
Photo Credit: ​

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