Social Media Campaigns=No Change

Going on Instagram means getting involved in a new fad. The Ice Bucket Challenge and Justice for Junior have entered the “lost cause club.” Social Media campaigns have seen to cause a short, positive impact, but quickly decline because of other issues that come about.  

Social media campaigns have been a big deal in the past years and have continued to stay relevant on mainstream media.  Movements like #MeToo and Justice for Junior did cause an uproar in the United States, but quickly began to fall in the shadows of other major issues.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was seen as a social media challenge instead of a social change movement. The point of the challenge was to donate money first then dump a bucket of ice on yourself to recreate how ALS patients feel on a daily basis. Many took this as a joke and decided to just dump the ice on themselves for likes and views. After the Summer of 2016, the ALS Ice Bucket was no longer a topic of conversation.

“Social Media campaigns are usually short term because people move on quickly to another issue, most people support the campaigns because it benefits their image. After they give a check they think they’re good to go.” said Jessica Duarte, a senior at Edison.

Influencers posting a picture with a relating hashtag attracts more people, which gives the movement the attention it needs. Take Justice for Junior as an example, Go Fund Me pages were made and celebrities were donating. News stations were reporting on it and giving daily updates. Weeks passed and the time spent on the topic decreased. The importance of topics die after the social media ‘hype’ dies.


Spring of 2018, March for Our Lives was taking up all media coverage. Many schools, including Edison, participated in a school walk out to advocate for gun control. During the walkout, some students took the opportunity to leave and go buy food proving that social media campaigns aren’t taken seriously.

Our short attention span towards important issues reflects how our society lacks progressiveness.

Eldy Godinez

Hey! My name is Eldy Godinez and I write for the Opinions section for The Edison Light. I enjoy going to the park and playing an intense game of soccer. Choosing the Opinions section was easy since I love listing the pros and cons about anything, especially a school matter.