Senior v. Staff Volleyball Game: Student Perspective

After a long and demanding season the seniors from Edison’s Girls and Boys Volleyball team take it to the court one last time. This time accompanied by their peers to go against their very own teachers. 

The Senior v. Staff Volleyball game took place on May 22nd afterschool in Edison’s Gym. The short notice game brought in a sizable amount of spectators, joining together to support both teachers and students. The bittersweet game ended with a win for the students. First set 25 to 20 – students, second set 19-25 – teachers, and third set 25-15 – students. 

Seniors from each of the varsity volleyball teams took to the court one last time, and each of them went in with a different motive.

Two-year varsity player Aidan Anjudar described his experience as, “Crazy, because I felt an extra sense in wanting to destroy the teachers. Showing the spectators the real strength of the varsity seniors.”

Which really emphasizes the drive and determination the players went in with. 

Two-year varsity player Imran Dean describes his experience as, “An amazing experience playing, having people support the team and having fun being part of something that will last.”

The varsity players also had support from their fellow senior peers. 

“The overall experience was enjoyable and competitive, but also a way to test my abilities against older players who have experience playing volleyball,” said Edison Senior, Stevenson Lopez. 

“I went in with the primary motive to have fun and play alongside the seniors. But, I also had a competitive edge and desire to win,” Lopez said. 

Winning and having fun while playing really meant a lot to the seniors. 

As Aidan Andujar put it, “It’s very surreal; knowing that this year was my last representing Edison. I’ve been playing on varsity teams for the school since freshman year and I’ve come a long way. Looking at how the teams have changed and how I’ve improved in those years is crazy and I couldn’t have asked for a better high school sports team experience.”

Spectors brought the group stamina up, cheering and yelling after each rally. 

Senior Gael Torres described it as, “Surprisingly fun.”

“Watching my friends go out and play against the teacher was oddly satisfying. The overall match was very intense, it could’ve been either side’s victory. It was cool seeing so many students come together to watch this game and cheer for both sides. The game really kept you on your toes,” said Torres. 

This years student v. staff volleyball game proved to be a success, bringing up school spirit with a little competitive fun.

Cindy Sarabia

Hello everyone! I am Cindy Sarabia, writing for the Featured Section of The Edison Light. Talking about random things happening around me has to be one of my favorite forms of pass time, so it would only make sense to continue that. Bringing recognition to any event, big or small happening in our community.