New Year Starting at the End of March?

Starting the year off right with all these resolutions can be hard. Days go by, you see that all the cupcakes are gone and you only have $5 left in your wallet. Finally, you decide that hey, January was just the trial month and you’ll be better in March.

What ends up happening is that everything just keeps repeating over and over again.With the right mindset as well as little tips and tricks for you to follow through this year will help immensely.

CAPTION: With the help of a journal, getting thoughts and plans down will be so helpful!  PHOTO CREDIT: BHAVNA ROOPCHAND

CAPTION: With the help of a journal, getting thoughts and plans down will be so helpful!

For starters, set an intention and not a resolution.

Resolutions are thought out to be in it for the whole year, a resolution may mean “… by the end of the year” and that’s a reason why you’ve been more likely to fall of your resolution. An intention can go day by day, or week by week depending on the specific intention you’re trying to accomplish. It’s more important to focus on how you achieve, rather than if you achieve them or not. Think of an intention every day, so you can ask yourself “How can I … today?” If you set a deadline you’re more likely to rush for it and focus on finishing it, but not exactly practicing it in order for self-improvement.

“It depends what my New Year’s resolution is. Sometimes I’ll stick to it because I really set my mind to it and other times, I’m just like I don’t need a New Year for me to change things about myself or do something better,” said Darshanie Seepersaud, senior at Edison

Instead of setting something for the entire year, set it monthly.


Setting goals or intentions monthly will help you focus better because it’s a smaller time frame that’s easier to keep track of. While forming these monthly goals, remember to work on how you achieve them so pick measurable goals. Your present day is what matters, you going about your day is how you get closer to achieving.

“I rather set goals throughout the year than making something up one day and not following through it. And I believe if you want to do something go for it what’s the risk”, said Varsha Singh, senior at Edison.

Track your time!

Don’t associate yourself with people or things that waste your time. Centering on those who are positive and well driven, those who support you as well as aspire to better their lives too. Your environment is vital to your well being, whether that be removing people to removing objects in your life it’s essential.

Tracking your progress by keeping a journal could also be helpful.

If you write down things and put it onto paper, it may help you organize your thoughts better. Buying a monthly planner can help you sort out things, and even if you don’t want a planner, something simple such as post-its could help! Post motivational comments on things you use everyday so you’re sure to remember to keep a good mindset.

Resolutions, Goals, intentions or whatever you want to call it all takes time. You don’t have to wait for a new year in order to improve your life! Create a mantra, and remember that mantra through your process.

“Every day is a new day to change and become better,” said Darshanie Seepersaud.


Bhavna Roopchand

Hey! My name is Bhavna, and I write for the food section here at The Edison Light. Writing about food means somewhere you and your friends can go to enjoy each other’s company. Being a senior can get really hectic so having a chance to sit down and enjoy good food would definitely be a rewarding experience. One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know till you try!” considering this includes trying out new things. I love reading in my spare time and hope to have an entire room filled with books when I’m older. I also enjoy playing the piano and drawing. I’m also part of the medical assisting shop and look forward to becoming a dental hygienist or a neo-natal nurse one day!