Life in Quarantine

With schools closed and the streets empty across the country because of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been staying inside and trying several at home activities. People  have been going through alot ups and downs during this quarantine. I have seen many people that are having a pretty hard time dealing with the lockdown. 

Most people on social media are finding and trying new ways to keep themselves occupied. People have tried several things during this quarantine realizing that they will never get this kind of break again. In the beginning, some have tried things, such as learning a new recipe everyday. Others had started working out. Some of my friends started making YouTube videos. At last, people just got really fed up with being inside and started wearing the proper protective equipment and going out. 


Mia Rahman, a 14 year old girl, has had a few ups and downs during this quarantine. She’s a sophomore at Thomas A. Edison. While she was in school, she was very athletic and joined almost all the sports teams thus, I wanted to get an insight on how she’s dealing with the lockdown.

“During this lockdown, I spent a lot of time with my family. In addition, I finished ½ of the  Netflix shows that were released. Although it was quite nice to be able to hang out with my new born nephew, I miss the outdoors and running around. I have been inside for more than three months and at this point, it’s kind of suffocating. I miss hanging out with my friends. For activities, I just did chores around the house, helped my mom with cooking, grocery shopping with my dad, and I also set up LED lights in my room. For anyone bored at home, I highly suggest doing some workouts or just finding a long term hobby. My sister had knit a beautiful blanket for my nephew and it took her 1 month to finish it,” said Rahman.

Asa Rahman

Hi, my name is Asa Rahman and I am writing for The Food Section of The Edison Light. I think food is the best thing that I encounter every day. There are varieties of food, some beauty to the eye, some beauty to the tummy. People go to different places just to try different food and I believe that their opinions matter.