How to Overcome Writer’s Block

     If you aren’t familiar with writer’s block, it is a circumstance where the writer is having trouble producing new work. It is a condition most of us struggle with, and if you are one of the few ones who don’t, then snaps to you. There are multiple types of writer’s block. To narrow it down, we will only go in depth with the most common causes of it such as timing, fear, and perfectionism.

     Sometimes, your idea or concept for the writing piece is good, but the timing isn’t right for it to be published. You should always jot down your ideas. If it is general, then think how far you can carry out the story without it being tedious and common. If you had seen the idea used multiple times, then writer’s block will probably be an issue you will face. This is because you are afraid of the entire piece being boring, that you are stuck thinking of twists and other elements to put in the story that will make it stand out. To help this problem, think of why you are writing this story. What’s the purpose behind it? Digging deeper to why you want to write such a piece will help you faster to add in components to the story that will point out your view and make the story be different as well.

     Many people also struggle writing, because they are afraid of criticism, which can also be a reason behind writing only general writing pieces and not something different. If your piece is negative, yes it is risky to publish it. However, if it is to inform the public of something they should know or something you have witnesses of and is true, then you should go ahead and do so.

A writer stuck on what to write and therefore is frustrated. Credit: Albert Bandura, Standford University

A writer stuck on what to write and therefore is frustrated.
Credit: Albert Bandura, Standford University

       Writing is a form of expression, which means that attempting to make your story perfect kind of defeats the entire purpose. Most of us struggle with writer’s block, not because we can’t think of something, but because we want to pick the best idea and words out of the bunch we spend the last hour or so thinking of. We want to make it perfect, when it turns out that readers don’t want to three pages of writing that is only grammatically accurate and will rather read something that has a couple of errors, but is interesting.

       Tanvia Sultana said,”I don’t mind if there are grammatical errors in the story that I am reading and I actually prefer if there wasn’t vocabulary that would be hard to understand by most [people]. As long as the story has a good plot that I am hooked to and I understand what the author is trying to say, I am good to go.”

     Some other suggestions that can help you overcome writer’s block include reading a book, going for a walk or even a run, or in my opinion, changing your environment to view different perspectives. Parbinder Bains seems to agree when she stated that, “Experiences in my opinion help you think of an idea to write about. What you know, you put down to words. Experiences help you to know.”

      Writer’s block is so common, that you shouldn’t be stressed out if you are struggling with it too. Hopefully the tips had helped you. May you write freely and well.

Samiha Aktar

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