Downward Spiral in Venezuela

 Nicolás Marduo was elected for his second term and the people of the country are in an outrage they even blame it on ”fraudulent elections” that let him cling to power.

The issues is that the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó has now sworn himself in as acting president of Venezuela; some countries are backing Guaido but some countries are backing Marduo. This alone has led to very violent protests, it is basically war in the streets of Venezuela. The Venezuelans are suffering due to hyperinflation so they’re  dealing with rapid cost growth. The hope is that Juan Guaido can stop this trend of economic decline. Conflict has escalated due to a Tweet President Trump sent out stating that Juan Guaido has the U.S support.

Marduo who has for a long time said the U.S is behind the attempts to drive him from office, broke off all relations with the U.S and gave U.S diplomats 72 hours to clear out of Venezuela. Government officials claim that anyone who supported or celebrated Juan Guaido would be viewed as an ”imperialist threat.” Due to the inflammation the price of a bottle of water could cost one thing one day then twice that same price later in the day.

Most citizens have decided to completely flee the country and with good reason; some citizens even say they have to purchase and eat rotten meat. The majority of those leaving have crossed into neighboring Colombia, from where some move on to Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Others have gone south to Brazil. The mass migration is one of the largest forced displacements in the western hemisphere. As of February 6,2019 Marduo has even blocked a critical point to cross over to Columbia in a attempt to prevent a delivery for humanitarian aid. The state of Venezuela only seems to grow worse.

Cheikh Diop

Hey My name is Cheikh Diop. I am senior working in the Automotive live service shop. I write for the features section of the Edison Light. Basically I like to capture and highlight the rare news that don’t get to be seen by the public eye. I want to make it known to the general school population. During my free time I like to play video games or run on the track near my house.