Autism Awareness Month

What does the month of April represent? Many aren’t aware of the significance that April holds to students even here at Thomas Edison. As the month has come to an end we have to acknowledge what April represented to our Edison community. 

It might not be important to some students about how April is National Poetry Month, but April was also Autism Awareness Month. It is important for both staff and students to be aware and be educated on a topic like this. As we have finished off the month of April, staff were able to be educated on this topic, as this affects students even here at Edison. 

“My goal is to support the counselors and be educated. Working with them to expand their groups and clubs,” said Paulson, Assistant Principal of Guidance. 

Not only were the staff able to show support during this month, but as well as Thomas Edison students. Many were able to show how important this month was to students. 

“I do know that some National Honor Society members do generally volunteer their time to support the walk and QCP is an organization that provides post secondary support to a lot of our students with autism,” said Scolavino, Assistant Principal of Instructional Support Services.

Edison does their best to support students in being prepared out in the real world. Even with a student who are on the spectrum of having autism. It is important as we should prioritize every student when it comes to their future.

“While we are here at Thomas Edison those students you could have an autistic student in your AP calculus class that may be right next that you may not know that they are on the spectrum. With the low functioning students who go to job training we run our own CTE. So the CTE program that those students participate in we have the Edison cafe. So these students learn how to cook and they learn how to manage money. They learn social skills, soft skills, associated with working such as working as a cashier at the Edison cafe selling to Edison staff. They also run the Hydroponic lab where they grow vegetables hydroponically,” said Scolavino. 

The month of April shouldn’t be the only month where students are being supported. Students should show their respect all year round. As it is our role as students here at Thomas Edison. 

“No, in general we celebrate the kids all year,” said Scolavino. 

Not only did Thomas Edsion show their support only during this month but they show their support all year around. Students are able to show their support even if it’s a post on their social media. Every action to show their support counts!

Rehana Hotaky

Hi, my name is Rehana Hotaky. I write for the feature section for the Edison news. Some things you should know about me are that I am very passionate in what I write for. Doing the feature section is something that I enjoy very much as well as being able to share information to the Edison students. Besides writing, I have many other hobbies such as, crocheting, knitting, and I enjoy walking along with hanging out with friends. As we get more into the school I hope to share all the details of the latest news!