Are Gas Powered Vehicles Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

With modern technology always innovating the latest and greatest ideas, the automotive industry is bound to face changes. Many seem to ponder upon the mystery of if their beloved muscle car will be street legal in a few years. Local auto repair centers ask the question on if they will be open for business much longer.

Technician Dilip Singh, employed at David’s Auto Repair on 122nd St and Rockaway Blvd, stressed upon equipment upgrades. With these cars being transformed into a whole new system, technicians have to learn these basics as they aren’t at all what they once knew.

“Electric cars are a great thing for the future!” Singh said, “However, we need to emphasize on making the information on these vehicles more accessible to the independent automotive shops.”

Car Enthusiast, Senior Joshua Saleem feels that the possibility of electric cars taking over the streets by the mid 2030s can in fact be true. With our President passing many laws to decrease pollution and increase the economy, the reduction of gas-powered vehicles has been heavily requested by many.

“I spent my whole childhood dreaming of driving these big gas-powered monsters, but now electric cars are taking over.” Joshua said, “The innovation and the technology is amazing, yet I fear these electric vehicles won’t be able to do what gas-powered vehicles are capable of.”

The automotive industry is changing quickly. The commercial industry is looking to expand into electric transportation as well. Diesel and gas consumption will gladly be reduced, yet those high revving engines will be missed dearly.  

Ahsan Allie

My name is Ahsan Allie. I am currently a senior at Thomas Edison High School. Along with being a writer in my journalism class, I have a passion for the automotive industry. I’m always modifying a car or a truck in my backyard wondering how I can do it better.