Advanced Placement Classes During an Advanced Pandemic

Taking Advanced Placement classes also known as “AP Classes” are one of the more challenging parts of high school. They are at the college level and involve more homework, projects, and of course tests. Most important of all are the AP tests that happen towards the end of every school year for each AP class a student takes. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made these already challenging classes an even more difficult hurdle for high school students to leap over. 

“Teachers must speed through the curriculum but I find that to be a disadvantage,”said Gurjot Singh, a Senior taking AP Biology. Gurjot is just one example of the students who had their education altered as a result of the pandemic.  

Many are wondering how AP testing will happen and how the pandemic will affect how well students perform. “I would have felt more prepared if it was in person,” said Emily Rodriguez, a Junior taking AP Language and Composition, AP Seminar, and AP Environmental Science. Emily is one of the millions of kids worldwide who have found themselves craving the classrooms they once loathed. 

There are some who do not mind the change of environment. Such as Mihail Karamanolev, an AP Psychology and Computer Science student,who said” Both of my AP teachers are online teachers and I would have the same experience in school and online.” Mihail and many others around the world are trying to make the best out of the grim circumstances that AP kids are in right now. 

With the way that this pandemic has affected the education system, resilience is a quality that students must have to achieve in AP classes. Reality is constantly changing as unknowns present themselves but only the final grades can say who is up the challenge this school year. 

Emill Payamps

I am Emill. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. I love to write and find it to be one of my many outlets to release stress and make time go by faster on some of the slower days. I am Dominican and speak Spanish. I value the voice of others and the respect that others give to mine.