A Weekend Away

“The Weekend of LTC is undoubtedly the best weekend of the year” is how the trip was described to us. The Key Club celebrated its 75th annual Leadership Training Conference in Albany, New York from March 31st to April 2nd.  

The trip consisted of schools from all over New York State, including Brooklyn Technical HS, The Bronx High School of  Science, and Townsend Harris. A group of 20 key club members from Edison attended.   

Over the course of three days, students had plenty to do. Workshops such as “Self-Care 101,” “Let’s Sing!” and “Everything College Apps,” kept the students busy. Not only were there workshops, but there were also events, such as Governor’s Ball and Playfair. Both of these occasions were the perfect time to introduce yourselves to others and make friends. 

“We had like this ball dance where us all Key Clubbers who went to the event, we would have a good time dancing, listening to music, going crazy. That was also my favorite moment of the trip when I met other new people. It was really cool because I met a lot of people in the dance floor when we were dancing,” said Stevenson Lopez when asked about the Governor’s Ball. 

“The part that I liked the most was the Governor’s Ball and also the Playfair on the first night. The Playfair was fun but there was a lot of physical contact with random people, I didn’t like that part but overall it was fun,” said Gian Kaur, a senior at Edison. 

There were fun events, such as the ball, but there were also long periods of time when students had to sit through and listen to all the awards and recognitions being given. Some high schools took home multiple awards, such as Brooklyn Tech. They received a total of 30 awards over the three-day weekend. 

“I’m really proud of my club, it was truly a team effort. I also feel like other clubs have the same contribution as us, and they also deserve the recognition and awards. I think it’s just the number of people we have, we’re such a large high school and we all share the same passion, we’re all part of the same community, we’re all part of one key club,” said Seraphina Ng, the secretary of Brooklyn Tech’s Key Club. 

Even though students had to wake up at six in the morning, and weren’t able to get back into their beds until 12 A.M., many thought the trip had been a really beneficial experience. 

 “I like the fact that this whole event was meant for us in a way to develop our emotional life, our personal life, having fun, coming together as a whole group of Key Clubbers and enjoying our time there as well as learning which was pretty cool,” said Stevenson Lopez, a member of our Key Club. 

As the conference came to an end, everyone agreed on one thing, it was indeed the best weekend they had had in a while.

Sanamdeep Kaur

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