Umi Sushi, Never a Displeasure

If you’re ever craving sushi or looking to try sushi for the first time, take a trip to Umi Sushi, located at 177-13 Union Tpke, is very close to Thomas Edison High School.

With it’s small yet calm vibes that flow throughout this eatery, they offer numerous sushi rolls for a great price and service. You’ll find yourself coming back because they’re just that great.

As you enter, you’ll notice that the restaurant is bit cluttered, but with it’s lowlights, and relaxing music playing in the background, the Japanese eatery gives off a tranquil vibe.

The most difficult part is ordering the sushi, because there’s so many rolls from which to choose. They each have interesting names, including Red Dragon, Rainbow Roll, Honey River, Yoshi’s Roll.The most popular, however, is the Tokyo Roll that consist of spicy shrimp tempura with avocado and crabmeat.

Tokoyo Roll and Spicy Tuna  Photo Credits: Kelliana Seeraj ​

Tokoyo Roll and Spicy Tuna
Photo Credits: Kelliana Seeraj ​

Senior, Riann Mars said, “ Umi sushi is located at such a place that it is easily accessible from my school and it’s low costing  prices are very accommodating for my high school student budget. I got the Tokyo Roll and after trying it I have to say it was was amazing! I mean really, two thumbs up!”

“I would recommend this lovely eatery to others because it’s affordable, the location is great, and the employees are very welcoming! Not to mention the food is A+. Even though I could count how many times I have eaten there on one hand, I know enough to genuinely and honestly say that you will not regret dining at Umi Sushi.”

Also a senior, Naimah Khanam mentioned that she’s been going to Umi Sushi since she was in middle school and it’ll always be her favorite sushi spot. She continuously gets the Honey River Roll and Tokyo Roll.

Once you try Umi Sushi, you’ll savor the best sushi yet. There’s absolute guarantee you’ll find yourself going back.