That Hits the Spot!


Looking to excite with a quick bite? Spot dessert bar is the way to go. The ambiance and exquisite atmosphere brought upon at the bar gives it a warm and pleasant welcoming. From its devouring choices of desserts, there are just enough to try them all.

The dessert bar serves over 7 desserts and the most popular dessert that is off the charts is none other than their coconut monkey bread. It comes in sizzling hot, light and fluffy and it is covered in fall spices. However, competing with this popular dessert, is the Matcha Waterful and Matcha Lava. The Matcha Lava is exactly what it sounds. It is a warm dark chocolate cake filled with matcha ganache. The best part is when you cut open into the lava cake and the “lava” oozes out. It’s an absolutely brilliant combination because it’s served with matcha green tea ice cream. The Matcha Waterful is a soaked matcha cake filled with matcha custard topped with fresh whipped cream and matcha powder. For only $11.95 you can try all the desserts on the menu. It’s cheap and delicious and there isn’t a combination you can’t beat!


“I fell in love with their coconut monkey bread when I went there. It’s, an absolutely melt in your mouth classic. It comes in sizzling hot, light and fluffy and it is covered in fall spices. The best part is that you get to pour over the silky smooth thai tea drizzle over the luscious and gooey monkey bread. What makes this even better is that it is served with coconut milk ice cream,” said Baldip Kaur, a student at Thomas Edison.

The Spot dessert bar really does a good job incorporating a healthy dose of Asian flair in their desserts. Overall the experience at Spot dessert bar was nice. The Spot dessert bar has many locations in New York. There are two in Manhattan and one in Flushing, Queens. So if you are wanting to try a spin on your desserts come down to the Spot dessert bar.

Harjot Kaur

Hey! My name is Harjot, and I write for the food section here at the Edison Light. Writing about food,gives me the chance to experience different cultures on one plate. Also writing for the food section gives me the opportunity to go on adventures. Adventures are something I always look forward to because of memorable events you can always look back on. In my free time, I like to catch up with friends and family.