Crumbl Cookies V Chip City :Battle of the Cookies

Two of the biggest cookie shops that are getting the most fame right now globally and are going head to head. Is Crumbl Cookie and Chip City Cookies. These cookie shops come out with new unique flavors weekly and have loyal customers waiting each week to try their new cookie flavors. Putting these two stores head to head. I will talk about the stores in general such as accessibility, vegan and gluten free options, and price ranges. In addition, I will be comparing the cookies with the same flavors to see which one tastes better, the consistency, and the ingredients. 

For Chip City Cookies, the three core cookies I tried were Chocolate Chip, Funfetti, and Brookie. The price is around $4.50 for an individual cookie and can fluctuate depending on the flavor you get.

Chocolate Chip– Brown sugar mixed with chocolate chips. The appearance is golden crisp brown with enduring chocolate chips. Freshly warm cookies. Perfectly round. The taste was kind of dry on the inside, not so gooey, and you can definitely taste the sweetness of the brown sugar and chocolate chips.  Overall 7/10.

Funfetti– Vanilla Sugar Cookie mixed with rainbow sprinkles. The appearance again has golden crisp sides, well rounded cookies, melted sprinkles, colorful, and warm. It tastes like a shortbread cookie and the inside of the cookie has a soft taste of the mixture of the cookie batter. A decent amount of sweetness. Overall 8/10.

Brookie– Brown sugar cookie with dark chocolate chip swirls with a fudgy brownie base. Coconut oil and oat milk replace butter and egg. The appearance is dark and tan crisp edges with chocolate chip chunks. There is a balance ratio of the brownie and regular chocolate chip cookie. It is a little heavier on the sweeter side. Also, it is a little dry as the combination of the sweetness and crisp is severe. Overall 6/10.

To be fair, I tried three similar flavored cookies from Crumbl Cookies. Most cookies cost $4 here. But it can fluctuate up to $6 for an individual cookie depending on the flavor you get.

Milk Chocolate Chip– Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips. The texture is delicate and soft. The appearance is a regular tan cookie. Chewy. Light and melted chocolate chips. Gooey. Overall 9/10.

Classic Pink Sugar– A vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting. The appearance is a golden tan cookie with a thick layer of pink frosting on it evenly spread out. It is thick and more on the sweeter side. The thickness of the frosting overpowers the taste of the cookie at the bottom. Overall, 5/10.

Chocolate Crumb– A rich OREO® cookie-filled chocolate cookie topped with smooth vanilla cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of OREO® cookie pieces. The appearance is a chunky oreo cookie with falling oreo crumbs. And a thick layer of vanilla cream cheese frosting. The thick layer of vanilla frosting gives it the feel of an exact oreo. The cookie overall can be a thick bite and you will need a beverage to process it down. It is soft and sweet. Overall 7/10.

The proximity and accessibility to these stores vary. As I am primarily focusing in NYC. Crumbl Cookies only has three locations all located in Manhattan, NYC. However, Chip City Cookies has 14 stores located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn. As we can see, Chip City Cookies is more accessible and more time conscious.

A college student Karan S. buying Chip City Cookies says that his most favorite cookie is “The Brookie cookie because of the mixture of sweets well balanced and the chocolate chips chunks overtake my sweet desires. A brownie and regular chocolate chip cookie mixed together, What else is better!”

High School student Amreen K. in Chip City Cookies with a group of friends says she has tried Crumbl Cookie before and Chip City Cookies and she equally loves them. “A cookie is a cookie, my favorite cookie from Crumbl Cookie is the Chocolate Crumb. And from Chip City Cookies it is the famous Funfetti cookie, each store caters with great flavors!”

Chip City offers a Plant-Based Chocolate Chip  cookie. Made with 100% vegan ingredients, this cookie is available at all times for catering, and can be purchased in-stores or via local delivery. Crumbl Cookies unfortunately do not have any vegan options at this time but they do have one gluten-free cookie option, and that’s the  Classic Krispy Bar. However, they do have some ice creams that are gluten-free, these include: Peanut Butter Brittle.

As we can see, all these cookies, frosting, and sprinkles might have me in sugar land right now, but it is good to give ourselves a break from earring health and enjoy a dessert once in a while.

Kajal Singh

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