Too Young to VOTE!

Considering how much of our country’s government revolves around voting and elections, everyone should vote because they all have an opinion. In American democracy, we respect our right to choose who’s in office and revel in the fact that we have a say in what’s going on in the political world. 

It makes sense for all Americans, including high school seniors, to go and vote for the upcoming elections. However, some seniors aren’t 18 yet and they can’t register to vote.

As seniors who will be graduating soon, as well as becoming young adults, voting is very important to us because our voices matter. We can bring change to our government by using our voices.

Cindy Lean, currently a student at Edison said, “If I had the chance then I would take it because I would like to avoid having a President like Trump who doesn’t think twice before saying something. The fact that he uttered the words ‘Chinese Virus’ was irresponsible and immature. It fueled a lot of racism towards the Chinese population. To avoid having a President like this, I wouldn’t let go of the chance to vote if I ever get it. Although I wanted to vote, but wasn’t able to; my desire to vote wasn’t as strong as it is now. ”

Students like Cindy are very upset that they aren’t able to vote and feel hopeless with our current President. “When my classmates were able to register to vote I honestly wasn’t particularly bothered about it because although I wasn’t given the opportunity to, I found myself supporting the same person as my classmates did. However, at the same time, I did wish that I could be counted to offer my support to this candidate who I wanted as a future President,” Lean said.

Another student of Edison, Armando Gomez revealed, “Not being able to vote does affect me as an American citizen as it is my right. The right for American citizens to decide for themselves, the future of the United States is what the founding fathers fought for.”

There are so many Americans who can go out and vote, however they choose to stay home. Some so many young students would like to vote, but can’t because of their age or because they had difficulties registering. It is unsettling to see Americans who get a say in who takes office in their government not voting.

“I don’t hold anything against them but do believe they should take at least some consideration in doing so. It is our responsibility to be aware of what is going on in our nation and be well informed to decide to improve upon our nation,” said Gomez.

“Not being able to vote affects me as an American citizen because we are currently stuck with President Trump who has made many decisions that I considered wrong. I was always against the idea of him becoming President due to his actions and the way he does things. To at least have a possibility of electing a president that I believe is fit to run this country I feel like voting is essential which is why this affected me as an American citizen. The fact that I can’t vote means I can’t put my approval to a person who I want as president and the possibility of having a president who I don’t agree with is increasingly higher,” Cindy Lean said.

As Americans, it is our right to vote and it is a very important part of us. Even though many Americans don’t want to go out and vote, graduating seniors are very eager to take their place. It is just upsetting they aren’t able to do so because of not being of age as well as having difficulty registering to vote. 

Samia Hoque

Hi my name is Samia Hoque. I am interested in healthcare and want to have a career in it. I want to try something new like Journalism to explore different aspects of myself.