The Holiday Shopping Season is Here!

Black Friday is considered to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. It is recognized to be on the fourth Thursday of November.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are widely known to have huge discounts on electronics, clothes, shoes, toys, home essentials, furniture, cars and other vehicles, kitchen appliances, jewelry, and many other things. There are some amazing deals that can be found if searched and negotiated for and also there’s lots of savings to be made this Holiday shopping season.

During Black Friday, deals can be found both in store or online. In stores, there seems to be waves of people going in and out of stores. Sometimes, physical or verbal fights can break out between people. There are people that even put up tents and spend their days and nights next to the stores they’re going to shop in. It was especially difficult this year due to the extreme cold that hasn’t occurred since 1901, however people still managed to claim their spots despite the weather conditions.

Caption: Black Friday Deals and Steals  Photo Credit: Gloria Mourcous

Caption: Black Friday Deals and Steals
Photo Credit: Gloria Mourcous

According to Aron Rodgers, a salesperson at a participating Best Buy, “I really think the best way to describe Black Friday is that it’s a blur.” “The worst part was the very long hours and the customers.” “My advice to someone working retail on Black Friday would be to breathe, eat, and drink tons of coffee.” I could not have agreed more after seeing what these workers must be going through on the Thanksgiving weekend every year.

There are many methods to pay in store and online. In store, people can pay using cash, credit or debit cards. Online, credit or debit cards can be used. Also, by shopping online, people don’t have to face the massive crowds and the pushing and shoving that one will find in stores.

Sometimes, amidst all the holiday shopping deals and steals, people can become targets and get scammed out of their money. Some of these items can be found in the not so widely known stores. This is because there are some items that are fake/not original. Also some emails are not trustworthy and are too good to be true. Some Black Friday and Cyber Monday fake deals set up by cyber criminals can become the perfect way to scam shoppers online.

Following simple rules and tips will help you not get scammed out of your money this Thanksgiving Weekend Sale. Some of these include: not entering private information and details on websites you don’t trust, looking out for fake sites/pop-up sites, also When when shopping on a website, look for the little lock symbol in the address bar and make sure that the site’s address starts with https://. This means that it is secure.

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