Customer getting her routinely trim at Flores Unisex Beauty Salon.

Customer getting her routinely trim at Flores Unisex Beauty Salon.

Years of improper care for hair, and harsh brushing styles leads to split ends.  If a  single strand splits into two at the tip, that’s you call a split ends. They are the main factor on why your hair looks unhealthy and damaged.  If  nourishment is not provided the hair ends become dry and brittle.

Alyssa Persad, a customer at Flores Unisex Beauty Salon said, “People who have long hair should trim their hair every 8-12 weeks to maintain healthy hair. Those who have medium length every 6-8 and short-haired people to trim  every 4-8 weeks.” Trimming is a great way to remove the unwanted split ends. Neglecting split ends will only make your hair weaker and weaker and will eventually break off.

Refrain from using heat against your hair. Straightening, curling, blow drying, and perming your hair will take the natural moisture out of your hair follicles. Look for flat irons or other devices that allow for exact temperature control. Set them  below 356ºF. Ultraviolet rays can impair your hair as well.  To protect your hair from sun ware it in a bun or either a hat.

Bonita Sanchez, hairdresser from Flores Unisex Beauty Salon, said, “ Split ends are bound to occur. The type of shampoo you use is a key factor to your hair’s health. I recommend my customers to use the TRESemme Anti-Breakage shampoo.It is gentle and light for daily use, keeps hair smooth and healthy, and is great for hair prone to breakage and split ends.”

Pamper your hair. Apply shampoo with precaution. Wash your scalp and hair surrounding it. Not necessary to shampoo rest of your hair. Too much shampoo can deprive your hair from healthy souls and leave your hair to be damaged easily. Wash it no more than three times per week.Use conditioner after you shampoo. Dry your hair gently, no need to harsh rub your hair with your towel. Lastly, when brushing hair try not to tease or back comb your hair. It will cause your hair to break off easily.