Removing Eye-Makeup

The worst part about applying make-up is removing it. Eyes are the most sensitive part  of your face. If you wake up in the morning with eyeliner smeared around your eye, you are doing it wrong. Taking off eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara can be painful. If you do it incorrectly, it can lead to your eyelashes falling out, eye infections, irritation and puffiness.

Senior, Gurpreet Kaur, said “ I remove my eye-makeup with oil, then I wash it off with soap and warm water. Usually, it gives m satisfying results, leaving my eyelid clear of any eyeliner smears. “ When removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner it is best to use oil, such as olive or almond oil. To remove your makeup with oil, using your fingertips massage the oil in slow circular motions over your eyelids for approximately 10-15 seconds. After, take a cotton pad or tissue and gently wipe the oil off your eyelid till it is completely dry.

Another way to remove eye-makeup is with wipes. They are best for anytime you are in a rush to jump and your bed and go to sleep. Make-up removal wipes are the fastest way to remove your make-up. Since the wipes are designed to be used for the entire face, keep in mind they can be irritating to your eye area. To prevent this irritation, it’s necessary to use wipes that are fragrance and alcohol-free. When removing with wipe, hold wipe on eye for 10 seconds, gently pad it on your eyelid, and wipe upwards and downwards.

Nafisa Shahjada stated, “ On a daily basis I always apply mascara to my lashes. One thing you should never do is pull and tug under the eyes while removing eye make-up or makeup under the eyes.”

Lastly, when applying something light such as cat-eye liquid liner or mascara it’s great to use cleansing water. Cleansing water will be beneficial to those who have often break out and have sensitive skin. Apply the cleansing water to a cotton pad or tissue and wipe your eye-lid starting from the inner corner.IMG_5677 (1)



Senior Gurpreet Kaur removes eye-makeup with a tissue dipped with baby oil. Photo Credits: Gurpreet Kaur