Ready For College?

As senior year is coming to an end, seniors are getting ready to move on into something different. They are going to have different experiences moving on from high school to college. Many students may feel differently about the transition and it might be a good thing to show them that they aren’t the only ones that feel this way.

Throughout the beginning of senior year and even the ending of junior year, students have been stressing about everything they need for college from SATs to applications. Students feel a sense of pressure to make deadlines for applications and any other thing they need for the college they want to go to or even just to apply to colleges in general.

After all the stressing is over, seniors feel relieved for a short period of time before acceptance letters and emails begin to come out to determine their future. Some students feel over excited because they got into their dream school while others feel disappointed because they didn’t get into their dream school.

Caps for Graduation

Caps for Graduation

Senior Harwinder Singh said, “I was accepted to four schools. To prepare for what’s to come, I asked friends and family who are already in college for help and I’m doing all I have to do to get into college.”

Not just that, but the change from high school to college begins another stream of stressing because of meeting new people, new environments, new everything basically. Many students react in different ways, where some are prepared for college others are still worried about the change.

“I’m not fully prepared for college but I’m on the way. The steps I’ve taken are taking my CUNY placement and setting up dates to do everything I have to. Also I’m preparing myself for the differences between high school and what college life will be like,” said Rajveer Kang

Many students will be going on to college and some don’t know what they are in for. College is completely different from high school in everything, including the environment. Many students will have trouble planning their time or just their daily activities. If some students are more prepared than others, they can get ideas on how they can improve on things they’re doing now so that in college the habit doesn’t follow.