New Public School Holiday

This year, New York City Department of Education has decided to declare Eid Al-Adha a holiday and students and teachers will not be in attendance. In the past, students would have to come to school though this holiday is important to them. On September 24, 2015, anyone celebrating Eid Al-Adha had the chance to stay home and spend time with their families.

Eid Al-Adha is also known as the “greater Eid.” It is an Islamic festival to honor the willingness of Prophet Abraham to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice Ishmael. Having this holiday off makes it easier on students, teachers, and parents. With this being a given holiday throughout public schools, students won’t have to worry about missing a day of school and more than likely tons of work they will have to make up as soon as they return.

Somaya Chowdhury, a senior at Edison said, “Now, I can finally stay home and enjoy it from the minute I wake up to when I go to sleep. My parents are actually happy because they don’t have to stress about if I should go to school or not or how it would work out and stuff. They are also happy because people are starting to appreciate the Muslim holiday. There is a day off that celebrates us. After all the religions who got their days off, we finally got ours.”

Somaya Chowdhury dressed up for her Eid celebration with friends and family.

Somaya Chowdhury dressed up for her Eid celebration with friends and family.

Likewise Mr. Ahmed believes, “this holiday brings once again the opportunity for the Muslims to have spiritual awakening as well as mental thrill due to congregational prayer, inter-visitations and partying at the levels of family and friends.”

Now that we have more days off, our time in school has to be extended to compensate the time lost. Every year we would end school on June 26, but since we are given days off such as Eid and Chinese New Year’s we have to continue to be in school until June 28.

Freshman Jenna Bakhsh said, “In my opinion by extending the school year, kids will be mad that school seems longer because they are used to leaving school on the 26.”

Overall, many of the families who celebrate this holiday are ecstatic. After years of having to keep their kids home or having them go to school and not celebrate the way they normally would, they will enjoy having the whole day with their families without the worry of school being on their mind.