It all starts with a SPARK!

Thomas A. Edison held their annual SPARK Conference last month, which is a conference that discuss topics typical teenagers don’t usually learn about such as depression, and it was a huge success! Mrs. Jeanty and Ms. Brown and their students had set up multiple workshops that sparked a lot of the student’s curiosity. The conference was such an exciting place to be, even some of the Edison alumni came back to see for themselves!IMG_2178

Mrs. Jeanty stated, “It was a huge success. There was a great turnout, great feedback and the level of participation. Students were disappointed that it was over and asked when the next conference would take place. They had so much fun and learned a lot of in the process. A parent shared the inspiring feedback from her son. SPARK students who helped put the event together are proud and just as excited for the next event!”

Abbi Winchester said, “The SPARK conference allowed students to express and positively engage with their peers and discuss challenges we all face as teenagers. Students were able to engage in a variety of workshops, (Self-esteem teen dating violence, and young men’s group) which allowed them to share experience and develop new memories. Students were able to walk away from the conference with knowledge related the workshop they chose to engage in.”

“The conference was a huge success! The students who attended the conference had walked away with smiles on their faces and their hands joined in new friendships. It was amazing to see these young individuals come to the conference on a Saturday to engage in something positive and interact with one another. We are thankful for sound crew, Mr. Williams, Mr. Ojeda and the support of Edison!”