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Top Five Ways We Are Destroying The Planet

The Douglaston Estate Windmill, built in 1870 at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

The Douglaston Estate Windmill, built in 1870 at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

Earth, fire, water, air;  we as human beings have been fighting the forces for decades.. It seems that everything is just out of balance; the planet is way too hot, waves are reaching new heights, in some parts of the world masks are needed to prevent polluted air from destroying lungs, there is a Texas-sized plastic waste island floating in the Pacific Ocean.

While environmental issues are usually overlooked, there are individuals and groups that fight everyday for our mother planet. On the other hand, changes can drastically occur if we were to put a check on our daily actions. We did not break the Earth in just one day. Small footsteps lead to some pretty large carbon footprints.

“Environmental always begins at the home. You can make small steps. Begin with reading. When it comes to the issues of today, it started with the Industrial Revolution. The world was changing, but people either didn’t realize it fast enough or didn’t care. There wasn’t anyone to truly blame, but the younger generation should step up and attempt to fix what was damaged in the long run,” said Sasha Sicard.

Here are 5 ways that we are destroying the planet:

  1. Moldy Matters

Food! It keeps we alive, it keeps we energized, and it cures us of our unmanageable emotions. However, our stomachs are programmed with their own emotions and sometimes we throw leftover food in the trash. Throwing away that cheeseburger in the fridge that you don’t care for contributes to a large amount of Carbon Dioxide and Methane gas being released into the air that we breathe, as well as the good soil of the planet that we destroy for landfills; all  for that cheeseburger.

  1. It’s just plastic

“Recycle, recycle, recycle.” We have all heard those words before. What if we were constantly told that the plastic water bottle that we did not recycle would be contributed to a plastic island? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest out of five garbage patches in the world. I can guarantee you that there is no coconut tree with a beautiful beach on any of these islands. Recycle that plastic bottle, if it doesn’t destroy the soil, it will destroy the ocean world.

  1. A Stain on the Environment

No one likes that green stain on their amazing white shirt. That detergent and stain remover will aid you, but unfortunately it may prevent you from taking a clean shower in the future. Detergents and other toxic chemical based products that we use on a daily basis find a way to contaminate ground water, lakes and oceans. I’m not too sure that the Earth likes a brown stain on it’s amazing blue oceans.

  1. Shine some light on the situation.. Or not

Leaving the house and returning home three hours later and realizing that you accidentally left your light on is usually an “oops” accompanied by a chuckle. Leaving that light on gives power plants the ability to continue to make our air unbreathable. Forgetting that light or appliance on may eventually destroy our lungs. Oops.

  1. Some knowledge goes a long way

The difference between not knowing and not caring is highly significant towards the future of this planet. Not understanding what is at stake if we continue dropping that plastic bottle or leaving on that light keeps us clueless that all we have to do is flip a switch to lower our impact. A small action has major effect if we know what we’re doing. It doesn’t take much to flip a switch, use eco – friendly products or to toss a plastic bottle in the recycle bin. Don’t be mean, be green!

“It doesn’t take much to keep our environment healthy. Recycle. The three R’s. Go to to beach cleanups, buy substantial products. Think about what you buy or do. What else can there be defended? A healthy environment, a healthy you,” said Karen Pierro.

Taruna Singh

My name is Taruna Singh, I write for the Features Section of The Edison Light. I intend to connect the readers to the outside world because the world is our stage, so why not break a leg? Aside from my corny joke, (I make several of these a day) I am a typical Guyanese girl growing up in New York where I spend my free time blogging and giving motivational speeches.