Follow Your Heart

College Decision Day was May 1st and many students still are undecided on where they want to go, and, most importantly, what they want to major in. Choosing your major is one of the most important parts of college because that’s basically what you want to be once you graduate college. Often students don’t know what to do as their major; they don’t know to follow their heart on what they want to be when they grow up or if they want to follow the path of making money.

When you pick a major that isn’t true to your heart, it results in you as the student suffering in college and being unhappy over the course of four years in college or more depending on the degree you want, not to mention going to school isn’t going to be free anymore, so you better enjoy going instead of missing days. You want to be able to be enthusiastic and determined to go to school in order to complete your major and degrees.

Most majors in college have specific classes they want you to take each year in order to move on to the next grade which are prerequisites. Sometimes on your colleges website they list the classes for your major. If you follow your heart and see that the classes for your major is too hard, don’t be discouraged and choose a major that makes more money or seems easier.


We go to a C.T.E. High School, which means we will be certified and we can actually work as soon as we graduate high school, but many students don’t want to pursue any part of their shop class after graduation.

Kameza Harun, an Edison senior said, “I always liked medicine, I used to watch shows about it and I come from a family who a majority of them study medicine, but it was by choice. In respect to biomedicine, I like the mechanics behind it because it’s a form of medicine but laboratory and logistical work that not many people go into.”

Brandon Bustos, a sophomore at Edison said “I do see myself going into my shop class as a future career, my shop class is mech tech which is an architecture class. I do want some things to change though, but not taking away but to add on to the class. I would want the class to push more into seeing what the career environment has to offer.”  

There’s also people in the way pushing you to go to a college you don’t want to go to such as private colleges which are more expensive. So you can’t let that get in the way of your decision making either since you are the one going to college and not anyone else. You want to make sure that you are the one enjoying college since you will be the one going for four or more years.

Thomas Edison senior, Amir Mohamed said, “My shop class currently is Auto Live, which is a live service shop where students actively work on cars and checking for certain customer complaints/issues. Also our shop has the eligibility to do a NYS inspection, but I don’t see myself being a mechanic in the future due to the fact that there’s so much competition in the field already.”

Tiffany Naraine

My name is Tiffany Naraine and I write for the Sports section for The Edison Light. It isn’t typical for girls to be writing about sports, but I actually love sports. To be specific I love basketball and my favorite team is the New York Knicks. Aside from that my hobbies include going to the city, taking photography, going out to eat and trying new foods, and I also love watching Netflix on my free time. My hands down favorite shows have to be Arrow and Riverdale.