Five and Under

Spending $5 or less on someone seems odd to those who typically like to impress people, especially on a date with someone you like.There are many places where you and your date can go without spending a lot of money while enjoying the company of each other.

As a high school student, there are many benefits which you can take advantage of. For example, you can go to The Whitney Museum for free with your date using your Student ID. The Whitney is an art museum located in Greenwich Village right near the Highline. The museum has over five floors with art as well as interactive art.

The Highline is another great date spot which is free of cost. It is a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and was created on an old railroad. You can walk and talk as you take a look at the amazing view and structure.

The Museum of Modern Art, is another idea and is located in Midtown where they have free admission to those who are ages 16 and under! At MOMA you can see Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting of “The Starry Night.”

The New York Hall of Science is located in Corona, Queens and has has free hours on Friday from 2pm-5pm. This museum is dedicated to the exciting properties of chemistry, physics, and biology. There are more than 450 interactive experiences and exhibits that explain science and demystify the world. Also, they have Dolby 3D Digital Cinema.

Aside from museums, you and your date can go to the park. For all ages, the park can be a great place to go whether you go biking, go on a hike, take a walk, have a picnic or play some sports with your companion. Central Park is located on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side and is one of the most popular parks where you can talk a long walk and go biking. Forest Park is located in Queens and you can have an amazing time by taking a hike there. Union Square Park is located in Union Square, and they have tables where you can just sit and talk and they also have a market where you can go look at stores that sell authentic goods.

If you’re getting hungry while you are with your date, then there are actually spots where you can go for a low cost food date. Bubble tea is super cheap and fills you up. A popular bubble tea spot is Kung Fu Tea, located in Forest Hills, Queens and their bubble tea price starts at $3.00! If you have a sweet tooth then you can get some ice cream from Baskin-Robbins, whether its a soft serve or freshly scooped the price starts at $1.98. If you really want some food then I suggest going to a fast food restaurant like McDonalds, Checkers, Wendy’s or even Burger King. So many fast food restaurants have dollar menus and deals which you can get tasty food for under $5!

Mr. Denunzio, a gym teacher from Thomas A. Edison said, “There shouldn’t be a number value on dates. You can listen to music, go on walks, watch a game in the park, have a picnic and get to know the person you’re with all on low money basics.”

Being at the comfort of your home with your companion is another way where you can spend nothing and have a good time. At home you can do so many things such as watching a movie either on HBO, Netflix or something of that sort, playing cards, putting a puzzle together or even just ordering a pizza, which sometimes costs $5 or less from your local pizzeria.

Mr. Bell, a shop teacher from Thomas A. Edison said, “It depends on the partner because if you have the right partner, it wouldn’t cost you a dime. The park is always there. When there’s a nice day out and you have your right partner, the park can be a great date.”

Ravindra Narine, a student from Thomas A. Edison said, “My ideal date is where I can have an enjoyable time with my partner in a comfortable environment. I believe that as long as you’re having a good time, the amount you spend on a date isn’t relevant. You can have a great time at the park for free whilst someone else could have a horrible time at dinner that costs over $100.”

A date should not be defined on a specific price because that places an amount on the person you are going out with. There are so many places where you can go with your date and not even spend any money.

Oreo and Mango Bubble Tea are Kung Fu Tea's most popular flavors and you can go try it with your date!  Photo Credit: Tiffany Naraine

Oreo and Mango Bubble Tea are Kung Fu Tea’s most popular flavors and you can go try it with your date!
Photo Credit: Tiffany Naraine

People may say that $5 or less dates are “cheap,” but they are so quick to judge because the “cheap” dates are some of the best dates you can go on and money cannot buy that happiness you get with your partner. Little things count the most and spending a lot of money does not justify the enjoyment you can have with your partner.  There shouldn’t be a number placed on the person you are going out with, it’s all about the time you spend with each other rather than the money spent.  

Tiffany Naraine

My name is Tiffany Naraine and I write for the Sports section for The Edison Light. It isn’t typical for girls to be writing about sports, but I actually love sports. To be specific I love basketball and my favorite team is the New York Knicks. Aside from that my hobbies include going to the city, taking photography, going out to eat and trying new foods, and I also love watching Netflix on my free time. My hands down favorite shows have to be Arrow and Riverdale.