Don’t Just Stand There, VOLUNTEER!

New York is crisp and cold in November, but city residents head outdoors for activities such as marathons.The world famous New York City Marathon begins on Sunday, November 1st, in Staten Island and run through all five boroughs before ending at Central Park. Some 50,000 runners throng the city streets for America’s (and the world’s) largest marathon. Making it a really unique experience is crucial. Wherever you are, you have something to make attending the race unique.

A truck delivered cases of gallons of water at Crescent Avenue for the 2015 New York City Marathon runners.

Students from Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. H.S. definitely found many opportunities that can be beneficial towards educational activities and also an exciting way to spend their hours instead of just sitting around texting. Some students registered to get community service hours for their honors government class or even to add as an event for college applications. Attending the New York City Marathon is also great if you are in any clubs such as National Honors Society and Teens at Service.
Senior Maliha Sultana said, “It’s a great advantage if you need community service hours. It’s also great if you want to build a strong resume that shows someone your capabilities and experiences.I attend to because it’s a great experience to become more socialized with others in your community.”

Nikhil Pal and Mengting volunteered at the 2015 New York City Marathon to set up the fluid station by filling water into cups.

Nikhil Pal and Mengting volunteered at the 2015 New York City Marathon to set up the fluid station by filling water into cups.

Fulfilling a volunteer opportunity on race day is a great way to pay it forward for your future marathon or to show your thanks for a past race. Volunteers organize warmth blankets for finishers at the event.They assist in the setup and breakdown of the water and Gatorade stations along the course; each station will have a supervisor to manage stacking cups and post-race cleanup. Volunteers help distribute bagels and fruit at the post-finish fluid and food station. Also they call in medical emergencies; take note of your location (refer to the number on the nearest light pole) so that you can be exact if you need to make a medical call.

Stand along Central Park South to cheer on the finishers. It’s free to watch. If you missed this event, it is never too late to register for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. They are always looking for new Team Leaders who will organize groups of volunteers to help at NYRR races. These volunteer teams will have prioritized access to volunteer opportunities in the TCS New York City Marathon and our other large races.