A Reward For Kindness

When tragedy occurs, people often turn to each other for help and guidance. Southern California fires have burned about 96,000 acres of land and are expected to worsen as winds pick up. Due to the number of people losing their homes and personal belongings, charities are wondering whether or not they’ll be able to get the necessary items families need through charitable donations.

Analyzing tragedies, such as the recent hurricane that hit Texas, many have realized that it isn’t easy getting others to donate in order to give needed materials, such as canned food and clothes.

Charities have already began giving rewards for donations, such as NYC Blood Bank. Many believe that rewarding a donator should not even be necessary because they should be donating through kindness and wanting to help another through tough times. However, there are many ways that charities can still “reward” their donors, while getting the materials that is needed.

Senior Terrance McCoy said, “Charities don’t have to do big rewards. They can do things such as bake sales or car washes to earn money.” Fundraising will help both the charity and the person who is willing to give to the company.

Charities having to give a gift just for humans to help each other should not be an option. In fact, there should be more people willing to help each other out considering all of the danger that is going on around the world. California wildfires are just one of the things that is currently going on around the world. Sadly, there is many more. Senior Shivani Rambharat said.”People should be willing to help other human beings. Especially when there is danger. It is a human danger and having to give gifts to them will affect the charities resources.”

Family carries remaining belongings after escaping fire. Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

Family carries remaining belongings after escaping fire.
Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

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