“Saw This, Made This” The future of Art

Artificial intelligence has been making its mark in the art world, transforming traditional creative processes and challenging notions of authorship.

A groundbreaking collaboration recently took place between AI-generated artist AI Da and celebrated filmmaker Baz Luhrmann at the Design Museum in London. Titled “Saw This, Made This,” this unique installation pushes the boundaries of art and technology, exploring the interplay between human creativity and AI-generated artwork. Many, however question what this means for traditional artists in a world now dominated by Artificial Intelligence. 

We asked some art students around Edison about their thoughts on AI Art.

Visual Art student, Ian Ragoonanan , shares his opinion on this new way of art.

“I think AI art is a cool concept and it shares new ideas with the world but as it progresses it may draw people away from traditional art and make regular artists feel like their work isn’t enough.” 

Would anyone actually go see the show?

“ I don’t think I would want to see it, not because of the art but because it would freak me out a little since the robot looks so human.” 

“Saw This, Made This” is an interactive art installation that offers visitors a glimpse into the creative process. The exhibition space features a large screen displaying AI Da’s digital canvases. Visitors can actively engage with the installation by inputting their own images or sketches into a custom-designed interface. This interaction triggers AI Da’s algorithm, which transforms the inputs into unique, AI-generated artworks. The installation becomes an evolving display of collaborative art, where human inspiration interacts with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Johana Prince, an IT student at Edison, we got her take on how AI is evolving. 

“If you really think about it, there’s only a matter of time before AI replaces all the main forms of entertainment, in my opinion the future will be almost 100% AI which makes me feel bad for all the artists who put everything into their original work,” Johanna Prince said.

 “ A few years ago no one really knew what Artificial Intelligence was, but now it seems like everyone is talking about it and every brand is using it in some way,” Johanna Prince said.

By combining AI-generated artworks with visitor inputs, this installation pushes the boundaries of traditional creativity, creating a captivating experience that prompts contemplation on the evolving role of technology in the arts. It serves as a testament to the potential of AI to expand the horizons of artistic expression and reshape the future of creativity.

Sasha Persaud

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