Ready For College?

Seniors, did you think this year was going to be a breeze? Well excuse me for raining on your parade, but getting ready for college during your first semester of high school will definitely be a hassle! There are many things you should be aware of right now to be on track to college. You should get familiar with which colleges, how you will be applying, how you will be paying tuition, and which colleges are your safe or reach schools. There are many other questions you should be asking yourself at this time of the year. Most importantly, get familiar with your college advisor and guidance counselors and ask them any questions you may have.


“Learn what kind of learner you are, how you study and what strategies you may employ,” said the College Advisor, Mr. Omezie Omeokwe. Many people do not know what type of learner they are, but it is never too late. There are many ways to figure out what type of learning style best suits you!

Make a list of colleges you are interested in and you may alter the list to however you like. Know which of these colleges are your safe schools, which are schools you are most likely going to get into and reach schools, which are schools you may have a chance of getting into. Add a dream school as well, you never know!

Also, make sure you have enough credits to graduate. Do not wait until it is too late to gain credits. Go to your guidance counselor and ask for classes that you may need to graduate. You may need someone to look over your transcript for you in order to figure out which classes or credits you are missing.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” said Mr.Omeokwe, recommending students to involve themselves in extracurricular activities, go on college tours, and do “deep” searches of their potential career. Mr.Omeokwe explained that the next four years of your life determine your future. Your academics will still be measured. These goals should be with you in college as well. We need to have a clear path and with that, we will hopefully have a smooth transition from high school to college.

Asia Subhan

Hi, my name is Asia Subhan. I write for the Feature section in the Edison Light. In my free time, I love watching my favorite TV shows, going to the city and writing about things I am passionate about. I feel like writing is a great way to express yourself. I like to be up to date on issues concerning our world today and love watching the news.