The Edison Spark Magazine

Thomas A. Edison Technical And Career High School has many ways to display the hard work of their unique and creative students. Whether it be displaying our work outside of the gigantic screen in our main hallway, or posting our work on our designated websites. Edison strives to create a togetherness in its community and one way it does so is through the Edison Spark.

Now if you don’t know what the Edison Spark is, you’re missing out! The Edison Spark is a magazine created by the very students of Thomas A. Edison High School. From what debuted in 2022 and is carrying on until today, the Edison Spark unleashes the creative aspects of our peers. 

Ms.Gray, the Creative Writing teacher here at Edison and the Advisor of the Edison Spark explained that “The mission of the Edison Spark is to provide a voice and opportunity for creative expression for the students at Edison”.

The Edison Spark has created themes about topics like Change, Love, Personal Experiences, and more. Students spread across all the creative writing classes help contribute to the development of these relatable ideas.

Malaika Siddiq

Hi! My name’s Malaika and I will be a writer for Features on the Edison Light. I personally have an interest in a lot of things. I like to draw, paint, bake, cook, and write. However, one hobby I do truly enjoy is unexpected moments in life. I feel that those are what keep us interested in doing more and stepping a bit out of our comfort zone to feel something different. That’s why I hope to provide all the great minds part of the Edison community with great content to read and hopefully learn from.