Onward: Worth the Watch?

Pixar’s most recent movie, “Onward,” was released on March 6th, 2020.  There was much anticipation for the movie, and the reviews were great.  Unfortunately, soon after its release, we were put on quarantine.  Since there were a lot of people who wanted to see the movie, Pixar released the movie on streaming services, such as Disney+ and on Verizon Fios.  I found the money I spent to rent the movie completely worth it.

From left to right: Dad, Ian, and Barley / Credits to Disney/Pixar, & Kirsten Acuna from

This movie is perfect to watch during quarantine with your family.  The plot is phenomenal, and there were quite a few funny moments.  The movie is about two brothers, Barley and Ian, who live in a world which used to be filled with magic.  As time progressed, humanity learned new ways to live without magic, causing almost all magic in the world to fade away.  Both Ian and Barley grew up without their father; in fact, Ian was born after their father passed away.  On Ian’s 16th birthday, their mom gave them a present their father left behind: a scepter and a crystal.  With it, they could use magic to bring their father back to life for only 24 hours.  When the brothers tried to bring back their father, only his legs appeared, and the crystal they used broke.  The brothers and their father’s legs then go on a journey in search of another crystal.  

This movie brought tears to my eyes a couple of times as it truly depicted the power of brotherly love.  Throughout Ian’s life, Barley was always there for him; regardless of their small age gap, Barley essentially took up a fatherly role for Ian.  After realizing this, Ian made a huge sacrifice for his brother.  The love between Barley and Ian reminded me of Elsa and Anna from “Frozen.”  The concepts for both “Onward” and “Frozen” are a bit similar, as they show the lengths siblings are willing to go for one another.  Since we’re in quarantine and a lot of people are stuck with their siblings, I would suggest they watch this movie together.  It can open their eyes and help them realize why they should be grateful for each other. 

Pixar’s movies tend to be sensational, and “Onward” helps prove that.  The ending had an unexpected twist, and it may make you tear up.  It was overall a sweet film, although the brothers got angry at each other a couple of times.  The animation was also impeccable; you could see the very fine details that were used on the characters and the scenery.  This film is a must-see that should be on your quarantine movie list! 

Kareena Khan

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